Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a permanent replacement to restore the hair in a balding area using surgical techniques. In a hair transplant, new hair follicles are transplanted from a hair loss resistant area to a hair thinning area.  Besides, treating baldness, hair transplant can also be used to treat hair growth issues on chest, eye lashes and brow.

Before undergoing a hair transplant, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider:


  1. Aesthetic change: One of the biggest benefits of this surgery is that the individual receives a change in aesthetics. Not only does it give a more youthful appearance, but it also increases self-confidence of a person.
  2. Natural appearance:  The aim of every hair transplant surgery is to ensure that the results lead to very natural looks. Our surgeons are equipped to determine the most effective angles, location, and distribution of the transplanted hair follicles. The transplanted hair blends seamlessly with your healthy hair, thus giving you a very natural and subtle look.
  3. No specialized treatment necessary: Another exciting advantage is that after the recovery time has passed, the new and transplanted hair does not require any special treatment for maintenance. As the hair blends in with your other natural hair, you can cut and style it according to your preference. There are no restrictions on the type of hair products like shampoo, conditioner, gel etc that can be used.
  4. Simple procedure: As the operation is carried out under local anaesthesia, the treatment is reasonable safe. It is also more cost effective than medication treatments as surgery is a one-time procedure as compared to a lifetime treatment.


  1. Surgical procedure: One of the major cons of undergoing surgical hair transplant is that it tends to scare the patients. While doing a hair transplant in Chandigarh, or at any outstanding center, ensure that you are at ease and comfortable.
  2. Recovery time: To completely recover from the surgery, one has to be very careful after the surgery. Not paying adequate attention to the do’s and don’ts during the recovery period, can result in increased risks of infection, bleeding, scarring and numbness.
  3. Hair fall: There are very small chances for an individual to experience hair loss in freshly transplanted hair, with no signs of regrowth. This usually causes small bumps on the scalp of the patients.

It is advisable that the individuals who decide to undergo a hair transplant surgery, should carefully understand the advantages and disadvantages as well as clear any confusions that may occur.

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