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Growing a beard and grooming it stylishly is the new trend in youths. Many Hollywood, as well as Bollywood celebrities these days, are sporting a beard that makes them look even hotter. Naturally, the youth in this decade wants to follow the latest trends giving rise to the trend of growing beard, mustache, goatees, etc. Here at Skin & Sculpt clinic, we will help you achieve your dream look with perfectly placed, fuller facial hair.

Beard plays a crucial role in masculinity, and the confidence they get out of it. Facial and body hair in men grows once they attain puberty and is a gradual process. In some cases the hormones are slow in being produced which leads to a slight delay in the growth. Sometimes, this could also lead to irregular facial hair growth. That is when many people opt for a beard transplant.

With a beard transplant surgery, you can achieve amazing results. A beard transplant is done on a daycare basis, and takes about 5-6 hours. It is a painless procedure done under a local anesthesia. You can go back home and will have to take a few precautions for post surgery recovery. It provides permanent and natural beard hair growth and the aesthetic appeal you are looking for. As a rough idea it is needed 300 to 450 hair grafts for mustache and 650 to 800 for the full goatee, 250- 300 for sideburn, 400- 750 grafts for cheeks. But basically, it’sdependent upon the person .

Heredity, injury or burns could be the reason behind the hair loss from the mustache. The trend of keeping mustaches is returning, but with the problems of hair thinning and balding in that area, it has become difficult to sport a rich one. This problem can be countered with a hair transplant. Mustache transplant poses a greater challenge as it needs meticulous planning and a keen understanding of the natural pattern of the mustache. Mostly FUE technique is followed in such cases. It definitely needs an experienced surgeon. The grafts are extracted from the donor site for initiating the process of mustache transplant. These grafts are implanted in the bald portions of the mustache. Due to the small area of implantation and availability of many grafts in the donor area, the transplant can be finished in a single sitting. One can treat, cut and shave the hair naturally once the growth is in full bloom.

  • Scars because of any burn, trauma and surgical procedure.
  • Sufferer of traction alopecia that may have led to hair loss.
  • Other medical conditions as cancer or infections.
  • Persistent conditions as alopecia areata.
  • Scarring due to conditions as folliculitis.
  • Hair Loss because of earlier conducted transplant surgery.
  • Males with less dense beard and moustaches.
  • Beard harvesting sites heal very quickly and usually cause very minimal discomfort. You will be required to wet shave your beard (the donor area) 48 hours after the end of the procedure. Occasionally harvest sites can look like small white dots but in general a loss of skin color in the beard area is much less likely than in the scalp, and Dr. Himanshu Paul has successfully harvested hairs from all skin types without concern.
  • Scalp donor area heals quickly and could have small white dots following FUE or a thin white line following FUT that might be visible at very close inspection.
  • Occasionally, you may experience slight redness of the recipient area that could persist for 4 to 8 weeks and could easily be camouflaged with makeup. (We have medical-grade makeup that expedites healing and can be color matched to your skin type if you should require this product at a nominal cost.)
  • Transplanted hair should start growing 3 to 4 months post-procedure and should improve in growth up to 12 months post-procedure or longer.

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