Post Operation Instructions


The first night is the most important. Avoid touching the grafts because they could fall out of the incisions. Sleep in a semi-upright position. Try to sleep with 2 or 3 pillows to elevate your head. Sleep in this position the first three nights following surgery.

You can shampoo your scalp 5 days after surgery and then, alternate days the first two weeks.

  • Use baby shampoo or any mild medical shampoo.
  • Put some water and shampoo on a plastic recipient and start to massage your hair, none grafted and the scar with your fingers and thumb.
  • To rinse your hair, during the first few days, pour some water over your head using a receptacles. On the fifth day after surgery, you can use a shower jet on your head. Do not apply direct pressure on grafted area.

Some white spots may appear, after washing your hair at the root of the graft, this is due to a swelling of the grafts. These spots will usually disappear after 30-40 minutes.

Please avoid all physical efforts in the first week after surgery, avoid leaning forward, avoid blowing your nose too strongly. Please limit your physical activities at least during 1 week after surgery (no sexual activities for 7 days). Going to the gym is also probated for 1 week. Avoid going to the swimming pool for the next 2 weeks.

  • Alcohol- You may not drink any alcohol at all for 48 hours after the surgery. (consumption alcohol is injurious to health too).
  • Sunlight As long as your skin is red, you can not stay out in the sun (or go to the tanning bed) in order to avoid any bleaching of the skin (in the grafted area).
  • Minoxidil- Start using Minoxidil to three weeks after surgery. Use Minoxidil is optional, it is used to get early results.

Nothing to Worry

Possible Complications

After surgery, some swelling may occur. This is perfectly normal. Your forehead may begin to swell the 1st 2nd or 3rd day after surgery. If this does occur, please continue to take all the medicines prescribed and also put some ice on your forehead (never apply the ice in the grafted area).
Please take all the medicines even if no swelling occurs. The swelling might also appear along the eyes in the first few days (TRANSIENT) if temporal grafts are applied.

Some bleeding may occur occasionally. All you have to do is apply compression to the bleeding area with some compresses or any clean linen Ice packs may be used on the back of the scalp (donor area) but not on the grafts. After 10 minutes, the bleeding should stop.

You may feel some pain after surgery, this is perfectly normal and the medicines prescribed will help you to relieve the pain. It is more of a discomfort rancor the pain. Normally, the pain should not be intense.

Infected grafts or an infected scar are very unusual as you will be taking antibiotics (it is very important to follow the antibiotics treatment until the end).

If you notice a beginning infection (redness, heat, local pain), please contact Dr. Himanshu Paul/Dr. Neetika Paul immediately. Normally the chances of infection are negligible.

You may feel decreased sensitivity in the recipient area, do not worry. Over the next 4 to 12 months sensitivity will be restored.

During the healing phase, some small crusts will generally cling to the hair grafts: wet compresses will help make them disappear more quickly. Generally, crusts fall off within 7-10 days.
Once you start washing your hair normally, the crusts will fall off gently massaging your scalp while shampooing will speed up removal. Often some of the grafted hairs and their bulb will fall out with the crusts, please do not worry, the stem cells remains and they would ensure growth of new hairs.

Remember that it takes 3-4 months after the transplant before the hair starts to grow except when the grafts do not fall out (5-10% of patients do not experience graft loss). Sometimes growth is slower, it can take 6 months for grafts to appear.
Shock Loss Part of the hair already presents in the grafted area may begin to fall out. Do not worry hair lost will grow back once the grafts begin to grow.
If some of the grafts fall out, there is no cause for alarm the general aspect of the grafted area will not be changed.

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